Business areas

Business areas

Aplicom’s core business is the developing, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality vehicle telematics devices with software and service tools to provide added value to its customers. The business is based on indirect sales model. Aplicom provides its products for telematics service providers, system integrators and automotive and other equipment manufacturers. Aplicom devices are suitable for all vehicle types – from lorries to passenger cars to construction machines – and even for industrial equipment like cranes and weather stations.

Aplicom products have been provided globally to over 50 countries, and numerous partners have relied on Aplicom products for over 20 years.

In addition to its core business, Aplicom delivers an end-to-end service system for automotive repair and dealers to digitalise their operations to connect their customer cars to their system. For the driver, the mobile app brings multiple services and connection to the car dealer. This service solution is called LinkedCar. Helpten Oy is the service operating company in Finland, which provides also various telematics services to fleet companies and drivers.

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